ORA Digital wireframe kit

Is a Hybrid Web Development Platform – not a “Pagebuilder”

The kit has 100+ Professionally Custom Designed Sections, Exclusively from DM Creative Studios

  • Our Kit is NOT a theme and not a page builder! Or a template website! Our wireframe is a hybrid. The wireframe is a far more stable, and structured CMS as it should be.
  • Our entire process from onboarding to live site can be done in 6 weeks or less for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent custom-built site that takes 3-6 months to develop.
  • Our Kit is a true hybrid with none of the stressors or headaches.
  • We offer packages with quality hosting, making this a complete turnkey process for your business operation.

Search online for a website theme or template, and you’ll be met with an overwhelming number of sites offering miracle, out-of-the-box solutions. Can it be that simple? Can you really download a theme, put in your logo, pictures, and content, and call it a done deal? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not so much!

Let’s be honest. Themes and templates are bloated with unnecessary plugins and back-end code that you’ll likely never use. This makes for an unstable site that loads slowly, scores poorly, rank lower with search engines, and is one update away from not working at all.


So Before you start the process of picking out your sections, below we provided some additional information about what a wireframe is, if you are not already aware, in addition, the sections below also will help provide context and some acronyms

Part of a System

The ORA Wireframe is the building block of our new design process. Each wireframe will always have its own unique look & feel.

“The system dramatically increases efficiency to provide solid designs with a unique hybrid process with features currently not offered.”

100+ Sections

Our Wireframe Kit features over 100 professionally designed sections, all categorized and labeled making the design process a much more collaborative process creating stunning well structured websites. The Menu has all the number sections, choose your sections and modules by name and number.

Solid, Structure, Reliable Performance

Once you have chosen the main sections we can then move to the discovery meeting, to get your color scheme nailed down and discuss your content.

High Quality - Lower Cost

Our high-quality, lower-cost option bridges the gap between the price of complete custom design and page builders. This allows ORA to deliver a custom “built-to-order” website development process. In the next step, we will have a review of the homepage and finish the build in just weeks, not months


Easily Customizable

ORA’s Wireframe Kit is extremely flexible & customizable. This makes the deployment faster even if changes are needed. We know delivering flexibility, and functionality is by far more important. Enjoy the experience!


+ LInes of code

Amazing Wireframe with flexibility

Mobile Ready

The Wireframe Kit was built to look great on tablets & Mobile devices. We’ve made some custom Tablet & Mobile customizations to ensure our Wireframe Kit looks beautiful on as many devices as possible.

DM Creative Studios Wireframe Kit focuses on using plenty of white space, clean lines & solid typography. These design practices come together to provide a wonderful Tablet & Mobile experience as well as viewing on larger screens.

Using my Wireframe Kit ensures your site will look great on Tablet & Mobile.

Virginia is Chief Officer in charge of every role in our organization outside of design and technical details, hardware or technical design. Virginia has kept the wheels turning, managing Daniel’s vision for DM Creative, and managing schedules. On top of paying the bills for the organization. Without Virginia and her tenacity, the agency would stray from our forward and upward trajectory and all during a worldwide pandemic. 

Virginia Mcdonald

Member/Owner/Director of Operations

I  operate ORA a small strategy-based creative agency in Albany, Oregon. My vision was quality web services that businesses actually needed in addition to quality hosting and web development. We have developed many proprietary products and services to simplify and provide a more fluent and efficient design process

Daniel McDonald aka DM Creative


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